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SAP SD Course Content:

SAP Sales & Distribution:

Enterprise Structure overview:

* Overview of Enterprise structure in Sales
* Definition and Assignment of Organizational Elements

Creating Master Data:

Customer Master Data

* Defining Account Groups
* Partner Determination Procedure

Material Master Data:

* Customer Material Info Records
* Conditions Master Data

Sales Documents Processing:

* Sales Document Structure, Doc Types & Functionalities
* Item Category Control & Determination
* Schedule line Categories Control & Determination


* Condition Tables
* Access Sequence
* Condition Types
* Pricing Procedures & Determination

Free Goods Determination:

Basic Functions: (Condition Technique):

* Material Determination
* Material Listing / Exclusion
* Cross Selling

Revenue Account Determination:

BOM: Bill of Materials:

Credit Management:

* Credit Control Area
* Defining Risk Category
* Defining Credit Groups
* Credit Master Data
* Automatic Credit Control


* Shipping point & Determination
* Picking & Transfer order
* Post Goods Issue
* Configuration of the Outbound Delivery structure
* Item Categories for Deliveries

Outline Agreements Overview:

* Scheduling Agreements
* Quantity/ Value Contracts
* Creating Assortment Module

Special Sales process & its Transactions:

* Cash Sales Process
* Rush Order

Billing Process:

* Creation of Billing Document
* Accounting Document
* Credit Memo
* Debit Memo
* Define Billing Document Types

Copy Controls:

* Copy Controls for Sales Documents
* Copy Controls for Delivery Documents
* Copy Controls for Billing Documents

Incompletion Procedure:

Third Party Sales Process:

Consignment Sales Process:

* Consignment Fill-Up
* Consignment Issue
* Consignment Pickup
* Consignment Returns

Output Determination:

Inter Company Sales Process: