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SAP MM Course Content:

SAP Navigation:

* Login
* Sessions
* SAP Screens
* Features of SAP Navigations

SAP-MM Overview:

* Organization Data
* Master Data
* Transactions
* Reports
* Integration with other modules

Organization Data:

* Storage Location
* Purchase Organization
* Standard Purchase Organization
* Reference Purchase Organization
* Purchase Groups and Assignment Master Data

Material Master:

* Material Types
* Groups
* No. Ranges
* Assignment of Number Ranges to Material Types
* Creation of Materials Master
* Material Groups
* Change and display of Material Master etc.

Vendor Master:

* Vendor Account Group
* Number Ranges
* Assignment of Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
* Creation of Vendor Master
* One time Vendor
* Change and display of Vendor Master etc.

Free Goods Determination:

Basic Functions: (Condition Technique):

* Material Determination
* Material Listing / Exclusion
* Cross Selling

Purchase Info Record:

* Number Range for Info record
* Creation of Info record with and without plant etc.
* Change and display of Info record etc.

Source List:

* Maintaining of Source list
* Internal procurement
* External procurement
* Allowable sources
* Fixed sources and blocked sources
* Change of source list etc.

MRP Overview:

* MRP controller
* MRP Run
* Manual Reorder point planning
* Automatic PR create

Purchase Requisition:

* Number Range for PR
* PR pre requisite
* Requisition or Tracking No.
* Source Determination
* Assignment of source
* Comparison of Info records
* Price simulation
* Change of PR
* Display of PR etc.

Request for Quotation:

* Number Range for RFQs
* RFQs with reference to PR
* RFQs without reference
* RFQ to multiple vendors
* Collective No. for RFQ etc.
* Change and display of RFQ.


* Maintaining Quotations
* Rejection of quotation
* Change and display of quotation

Price Comparison of Quotations:

* Comparison of quotations with mean price
* Maximum price and minimum price
* Use of collective number for comparison

Purchase order:

* Number range for Purchase order
* PO creation
* Po with reference to PR
* Quotation
* Contract and other PO
* Change of PO
* Display of PO
* PO for non-stock item
* PO history etc.

Release Procedure:

* Release Groups
* Release codes
* Release Strategy

Outline agreements:

* Number range for Contracts
* Value contract
* Quantity Contract
* Release of PO with reference to contract
* Validity of contract
* Contracts with Reference purchase organization
* Number range for Scheduling Agreements
* Creation of scheduling agreements
* Delivery schedule
* Features of SA etc.

Purchasing Optimization:

* Creation of Automatic PO
* Pre requisites for creation of Automatic PO etc
* Pricing procedure
Release strategies for purchase documents.

Goods Receipt:

* Number range for material documents
* Movement types
* Creation of Goods Receipt
* Partial qty receipt
* Different stock types for GR
* Reversal of GR
* Cancellation of GR
* Accounting Documents etc.

Goods Issue:

* GI document
* Accounting document
* Cost center etc.

Stock Transfers:

* Transfer of goods
* Goods movements
* Transfer posting and stock transfer
* Stock transfer between Storage locations
* Plants and Company codes
* ST with reference to Stock transport Order
* One step transfers
* 2 step transfers

Physical Inventory:

* Physical Inventory process
* Sessions etc.

Other Topics in inventory:

* Batch management
* Shelf life of materials
* Auto Po for GR etc.

Invoice Verification:

*• Invoice verification
• Credit Memos
• Subsequent Debits and Subsequent Credits
• Parking of Invoices
• Blocking and Release of Invoices
• ERS etc.

Special Procurement Process:

* Management of special stocks
* Consignments
* Pipeline Materials
* Sub contracting Process
* Returnable transport packaging etc.

Valuation and Account Determination:

* Valuation
* Average Price
* Standard Price
* Split Valuation
* Complete Automatic Account Determination

External Services Management:

* Introduction to ESM
• Organizational status of Service Category
• Service Master
• Service PO with Service Master
• Service Entry Sheet
• Service Entry acceptance
• Invoice Verification with SES

Integration on:


Technical Knowledge:

* Reports, IDOC & Tables

ASAP Methodology CIN Overview Experiences from Implementations (Case Study or Project):

* Setting Up Company Structures (organizational units in my SAP Business Suite)
*Integration and Dependencies.