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C Language Syllabus

Introduction and First Program-45 mins

*Why Programming
*History of C Language
*Hello World Program

Variables and Data types-50 mins

*Identifiers in C
*Variables and DataTypes

Console IO Operations-48 mins

*Printf and Scanf

Operators and Expressions-70 mins

*Expressions and Arithmetic Operators
*Relational and Logical Operators
*Bitwise Operators

Control Flow Statements-209 mins

*If Statement
*Switch Statement
*Unconditional Branching using goto statement
*While Loop
*Do While Loop
*For Loop
*Break and Continue
*Special Cases

Working with Functions-83 mins

*Introduction and Writing Functions
*Scope of Variables,Storage Classes,Pass by Value and *reference

Working with Arrays-89 mins

*Arrays Declaration and Initialization
*Sample Programs using Arrays
*Arrays as Function Parameters
*2-Dimensional Array

Pointers-142 mins

*Introduction to Pointers
*Pointers as Function Parameter
*Pointer Arithmetic
*Pointers and Arrays
*Function Pointers

String Handling-76 mins

*Introduction to Strings
*Sample Program
*More Sample Programs
*Standard String Library Functions
*Array of String

Structures and Unions-71 mins

*Declaring and Instantiating Structures
*Structure as Parameter and Pointer to Structure
*Enumerated Data Type
*Bit Fields

File Handling-70 mins

*What is a Stream
*File Handling-Writing and Reading Characters
*Writing and Reading Structure in Text Format
*Writing and Reading in Binary Format

Pre-Processor Directives-42 mins

*Understanding Pre-Processor directives
*Header Files and Project

Syllabus for “C++ Programming Language


*In this class, we will learn the basics about C++ programming language such as variables, data types, arrays, pointers, functions and classes etc.

Introduction 2hr:

*What is C++?
*Why C++?
*C and C++
*Object Oriented Programming

Types and declarations 2hr:

*Integer Types
*Floating-Point Types

Pointers, Arrays and Structures 10hr:

*Pointers into Arrays

Functions 5 hr:

*Function Declarations
*Argument Passing
*Value Return
*Overloaded Function

Classes 10hr:

*Access Control
*Member functions
*Memory allocation
*Member initialization

Operator overloading 5hr

*Operator Functions
*Conversion Operators
*Functions Calls
*Increment and Decrement

Derived class 10hr

*Derived Classes
*Abstract Classes
*Design of Class Hierarchies
*Class Hierarchies and Abstract Classes